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Unboxing a Few Great Items Including a New Bag!!

Hello Stunners! I have some really great unboxings for you, including a new bag, makeup, and some of my beloved galleria blue! I won’t go into all the technical issues, but skip ahead to the 2:42 point because the volume wasn’t working and blah blah blah I can’t edit the video and I won’t bore you with the details. This video is from a week ago and I’ve been trying all this time to trim that off and it won’t work, so I’m going to share it in all its imperfect glory. Done is better than perfect!

Share your thoughts in the comments down below! This is from a Facebook Live, and if you haven’t joined the group yet, you can do that here.

Makeup palette: I’m still playing with it to decide what I think

Poshmark posts:

Blue tee (also comes in black, white, and red!!)

Tote organizer: (Here is her shop)

And this is the one I bought for my Tory Burch bag.

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