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One Outfit Dressed Up and Dressed Down

We each have different lifestyles and different needs. Some of us have a very casual lifestyle, some of us need to dress up, and some of us are somewhere in between.

I have a casual lifestyle, and while I make sure my clothes are functional for that, meaning I can get down in the floor with my kids, walk my dog, cook dinner and do normal household chores, I like to look a little more dressed up.

I’m taking today’s outfit and dressing it up and down for you.

As it is, the outfit looks somewhat dressy with the ankle pants, faux wrap top, and flats, but both of these pieces are super stretchy, comfortable, and easy to move around in. I could do yoga in this outfit.

Two Ways to dress it down

First, I took the original outfit and substituted a more casual looking tee and sandals. Even though both tops are t-shirts, the faux wrap top looks more dressed up.

For the second dressed down outfit I added shorts to the more casual looking tee and flat sandals. Anything with a heel is going to look more dressed up, even a wedge. You could choose sneakers, too.

two ways to dress it up

I added a button up blouse to the pants and a pair of heels to make this more office appropriate.

We wear Sunday best to church, so I would dress it up even more by changing the pants to a skirt.

Update on the Summer 2020 Guide

This is an unprecedented time as our world continues to quarantine itself. Heavily impacted is retail as many stores remain closed and many of our favorite retailers may be looking at bankruptcy. While each of these companies is responding differently, most retailers haven’t released anything new in a month or two, and many of them have cancelled their summer orders. 


With this in mind, I’m shopping things that have been out for a while, so they either may not be fully stocked, or possibly you will have to shop your closet for these things. I always believe we should shop our closets first and then we can all work together to add new favorite pieces as we find them!

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    1. Brenda, these pants were linked in the Spring 2020 Wardrobe Guide. Links are exclusive to those who purchase that season. As a member you can purchase previous Guides buy clicking on the My Guide tab and scrolling until you see the one you want.

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