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Five Ways to Wear It: Silver Sandals

The Perfect Silver Sandal for Your Classic Style Twist

Today we are tackling a summer wardrobe staple for me, the silver sandal. I have several, and I wear them as my neutral. They go with everything, and are the perfect substitute for a nude sandal. All the images in the Guides are Minimal Classic to use as a template that allows you to envision and bring in your Twist where you like. Let’s go through the options included in the Guide and discuss what makes them fall into each category.

Minimal Classic

What makes these sandals Minimal Classic? Well, the T-strap sandal is about as minimal and classic as it gets. No extra details or straps. The straps are perfectly perpendicular. There is nothing extreme about the the style of the sandal, not height of the heel, the width of the straps, or the finish. You could have worn this sandal in 1989, 1999, 2009, or today. And you could wear this sandal a decade or two from now, and no one would know the difference. There is no detail that dates it. I mean, the Greeks were wearing a similar sandal a couple thousand years ago. They’ve stood the test of time.

cute classic

The blingy jewels and high-shine silver are fun, and add some sparkle to your outfit without weighing you down. The jeweled embellishment is small and whimsical with the coordinated, instead of matching, figures. Depending on how cute you want to go, something more jewel encrusted could be right for you, but that could end up looking dressier.  This small touch is perfect. This one accessory could be enough to add the twinkle you love in an outfit.

edgy classic

In any of the Twists there is a sliding scale of how dramatic you want to be, but I feel like Edgy and Cute have the biggest scale. The sandals I included are on the lower end of the Edgy scale. What makes these Edgy is the multiple straps, which is bondage-y, and the assymmetry that creates the angular V shape. 

The second pair are on the far end of the Edgy Classic spectrum. Not only are they very strappy and bondage-y, they are the gladiator style, which is a warrior style. And on top of that you have the many, many studs. These are about as edgy as you can get for a casual sandal. I didn’t include them in the Guide because they cost a thousand dollars, but…I LOVE THEM. Time to start saving up!

soft classic

Silver can be tricky for a Soft Classic if it’s too high shine. This sandal is still pure silver, but without the mirror-like reflective shine that can overwhelm and make you feel uncomfortable. It’s also a small amount of real estate on your body. The footbed is cushioned and comfortable, and there is nothing between the toes to rub and irritate. The asymmetrical strap is Soft instead of Edgy because it is a rounded curve across the top of your foot rather than a straight line, which would create an angle. The style is easy on and off but stays securely on your foot, which you will appreciate. You won’t be fighting to keep your shoe on, and there is nothing between your toes, which you might find annoying.

sporty classic

If you are heading to the beach, the lake, the park, picnics, or trail heads, a dainty little sandal won’t cut it. This sandal won’t take the place of a hiking boot on a serious trail, but if you are walking anywhere with a natural surface (aka not pavement), the flexible, but sturdy and comfortable, sole of this sandal is perfect.

I hope this breakdown is helpful and gives you some insight into the elements you can look for as you shop for any shoes. Which sandal do you love? Does it match your Twist?

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