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An Exciting Announcement and Comparing Burgundy Items in the Guide!

Welcome to the Society! We are so excited for all the new members. 

Some of you may have noticed we now have 2 websites. is my main, public website, and it is where the membership has previously been hosted. Unfortunately, it has caused a lot of technical problems, so we created a second website:

We are migrating everyone to the new website. Anyone who joined Fall 2019 started there. All members who joined before the fall (legacy members) are migrating there soon. Currently the sites are identical, and as soon as everyone is moved over, we will delete the Society portion on

They tell me the migration is nearly complete, so fingers crossed we get to finalize soon!

We also talk about how to use the printable files and compared the burgundy items in the current Guide and the Fall 2018 Guide. We discussed sizing, how to figure out the right colors when shopping, and other things regarding the items in the Guide.

Don’t forget to watch the second video. I lost my feed, and had to start over, but the conversation we had was really important, and you don’t want to miss it!

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